Cinema - Mindhorn BBFC 15 Rating


Dir: Sean Foley

UK 2017 1hr 29mins

Julian Barrett, Andrea Riseborough, Essie Davies

Washed-up actor Richard Thorncroft peaked with hit 1980s detective show ‘Mindhorn’, playing the titular Isle of Man sleuth with a rather unique ability. As a captured MI5 Special Operative, Bruce Mindhorn’s eye was replaced by a super-advanced optical lie detector, which meant he could literally ‘see the truth’. Decades later, when a deranged Manx criminal demands Mindhorn as his nemesis, Thorncroft returns to the scene of his greatest triumphs for one last chance to reignite his glory days, professional credibility and even romance with former co-star/paramour Patricia Deville.

“a cult comedy classic in waiting and is almost certainly the strongest contender for funniest film of 2017.” FILM INQUIRY

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Tuesday 13 June 7.30pm

Dates and Times:

Tue 13th Jun


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Full price:£ 7.25
Under 18's:£ 6
Full time students:£ 6
Senr.Citizens:£ 6
Other Conc.:£ 6