Great Hall Event - Bryan Doerries


Centenary Lecture Series

Curated and introduced by Professor in Creativity, Owen Sheers

Bryan Doerries

The Theatre of War: What Ancient Greek Tragedies Can Teach Us Today.

Bryan Doerries produces performances of Greek tragedies for soldiers returned from conflict, addicts, prison communities, victims of natural disasters, and other vulnerable people. His dramatisations have explored how the story of Sophocles’ Ajax can help today’s soldiers and their loved ones grapple with trauma; why people in the penal system are liberated by Prometheus Bound; and how Heracles has changed the way that some doctors manage end-of-life care. In drawing on such extraordinarily intimate experiences, and in telling his own story of loss and learning, Doerries illustrates the redemptive potential of one of the oldest human art-forms, and the power of re-enacting. Doerries’ talk will argue that suffering and healing are part of an eternally replicable process, and that the great tragedies of ancient Greece can still light a clear path forward through contemporary society’s most tangled issues.

Followed by Q and A and book signing. Books available to purchase on the night from independent bookseller ‘Cover to Cover’.

In association with the Storytelling for Health International Conference June 2017.

Unreserved seating

Friday 12 May 7.30pm

Dates and Times:

Fri 12th May


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Full price:£ 12
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